It’s the Halloween Build Contest!

The contest is officially open right now! The build period is set to Sat Oct 24 to Fri Oct 30, 2020. The deadline for finishing your build is at 11 PM PT (so technically 8 AM on the 31st in Europe). Voting will be open all of Oct 31, with the winner announced at the end of the stream day (around 9 PM ET / 3 AM CEST on Nov 1).

The staff has prepared the newly opened Event Island, a Mushroom island reserved for community events, that is accessible through the North Tunnel @ -857 (or +3695, -6866 in the overworld if you really feel like flying there).

– Follow the guidelines found on the island (Read the signs, people!). – The build can be no larger than 32×32 blocks.
– The build must be placed in the allocated Halloween district of the event island. – Please build at least 8-10 blocks away from other builds, including the mystery box. Please built at least 30 blocks away from the nether portal. – Terraforming on/around your plot is fine as long as it does not interfere with the builds next to you (ask the neighbours if in doubt!)
– All materials are permitted, but we do ask that you avoid lag-heavy builds as it will remain on the island forever.
– The builds can not be in violation of the community rules, and must be PG (spooky stuff is fine, but nothing overly yikes).
– Each player can submit one build to the contest. Helping others with their builds in addition to your own is fine, but you can only submit one with your name.
– The entrance to your build should be clearly marked with a sign that has the name(s) of the builder(s) on it. – And last, but not least, one does not touch the Mystery Box. All will be revealed in due time, and breaking into it / messing with it will result in being disqualified from the contest and some of the Halloween events.



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