Shamblecraft, formerly Phalicraft, was founded in March 2019 by Phali. While it in the beginning was just another “streamers’ Discord”, it quickly evolved into a space where friends and viewers would meet to play games and hang out. A few months later it became clear that there was a desire for a dedicated server for the community, and on 30 November 2019, the first iteration of “Phalicraft” was launched.

What I love about “Phalicraft” is that even as a new member I felt welcome straight away, everyone was basically standing in line to help me get started.

Anonymous player in Discord – 18 December 2019

As the 1.16 update drew closer in 2020, the staff decided that once it launched, the world would be reset to welcome the new changes to the game. At the same time, a decision was made to rename the server “Shamblecraft” to reflect that this was a community effort and not just “a fan server”. On 26 June 2020, Shamblecraft Season 1 was launched.

We are changing the name to show that we are a community, not just a bunch of Phali-fans. I may be paying the bills, but this place would never work without all the amazing community members who play here.

Phali, announcing the rebranding in June 2020.

As of October 2020, the community now has more than 120 members in all age groups and avenues of life, and from more than a dozen different countries. We still aspire to be what we set out to be almost two years ago: a safe space for everyone, regardless of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation or anything.

Each and every one of you is welcome in the Shamblecraft community!